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Edit, Loop and Mix

“Edit, Loop & Mix” is a course that teaches performers and entertainers basic music design and editing for their performances. Learn how choose and fit a piece of music to your act and then learn how to edit, loop and mix music tracks to fit your performances with musical precision.

Showcase Success

A showcase is an event that you hold to present your act/ show to a target audience such as agents, bookers, potential clients and the media. “Showcase Success” teaches you everything you need to know about using this tremendous marketing tool to get bookings immediately.

Sound Advice

“Sound Advice” is a practical course that teaches working performers and entertainers basic audio tech, sound set-ups & audio cables, mic & mic systems, mic technique and troubleshooting techniques to ensure you have great sound for every show you perform.


“The Showbiz Master Plan” is a live entertainer’s blueprint to creating a money-generating brand, making a consistent 6-figure income and setting up for retirement.

This book is filled with incredible stories, practical advice, time-tested tips and market-proven action-steps on how to build a successful career as a performing artist and live entertainer.

Make the best investment of your career today here.