• The Professional Illusionist Master Course

    “The Professional Illusionist Master Course” is the first online course of its kind for stage magicians and illusionists by a top working professional in his market. Learn how to produce and sell a modern illusion show in today’s market.

  • DIY Filming for Live Shows & Events

    “DIY Filming for Live Shows & Events” teaches you how to film high quality footage in show and event environments that look professional. Learn the equipment required, techniques and set-ups to capture your show in the best light.

  • Edit, Loop and Mix

    “Edit, Loop & Mix” is a course that teaches performers and entertainers basic music design and editing for their performances. Learn how choose and fit a piece of music to your act and then learn how to edit, loop and mix music tracks to fit your performances with musical precision.

  • Highlighting the Female Form

    If you’re a lady and you perform on stage, this course is for you! “Highlighting the Female Form” is a course that helps female performers discover a vocabulary of poses, movements and postures that fit their body type, performance style, act and comfort zone.

  • Negotiating Higher Fees for Entertainers

    “Negotiating Higher Fees for Entertainers” is an essential course teaches a range of practical bottom-line-driven techniques, methods and strategies to help you price your act, negotiate with clients and ultimately get the fee you deserve.

  • Showcase Success

    A showcase is an event that you hold to present your act/ show to a target audience such as agents, bookers, potential clients and the media. “Showcase Success” teaches you everything you need to know about using this tremendous marketing tool to get bookings immediately.

  • Sound Advice

    “Sound Advice” is a practical course that teaches working performers and entertainers basic audio tech, sound set-ups & audio cables, mic & mic systems, mic technique and troubleshooting techniques to ensure you have great sound for every show you perform.

  • Spoken Mandarin for Stage Performers

    “Spoken Mandarin for Stage Performers (Who Do Not Speak the Language) was designed specifically for entertainers by entertainers. The course was designed to teach international performers basic Mandarin to engage and communicate aspects of a live show to the audience.